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Dean of Students’ Office

The core mission of the Dean of Students’ Office includes: supporting and encouraging students’ academic achievement; contributing to their personal, physical, cultural, and social development; supporting them in their transition to life after graduation; encouraging them to cultivate a sense of social responsibility; enabling them to acquire skills that will help them both grow as individuals and contribute to society at large; and fostering an environment that prepares them to succeed.

Bilkent University endeavors to contribute to its students’ social and personal development as well as their academic achievement. In this context, the educational environment provided is geared not only toward maximizing academic performance but also to social, athletic, cultural and intellectual enrichment. Programs and activities organized by the Dean of Students Office and its units provide students with a wide range of opportunities in these areas, and also help promote a sense of identity and belonging.

Advice and guidance are provided to student groups that include the student volunteer umbrella organization Social Responsibility Projects, the student radio station Radio Bilkent, and a large number of student clubs and societies. In addition, programs and activities intended to help build and improve life skills are offered to students.

Within the Dean of Students Office, the Social Responsibility Center serves to coordinate university volunteer activities and charitable fundraising drives. The Center also includes the Center for Students with Special Needs, which endeavors to facilitate campus life for those students.