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Radio Bilkent

Radio Bilkent was founded by Bilkent University Students Electronic Communication Group in 1995 had two alternative broadcasts, Radio Bilkent Alternative and Radio Bilkent Classic, with a 1 kw power limited to campuswide broadcasting. In 1998, all-volunteer, university funded, non-commercial student radio station has combined these broadcasts at 106.7 FM. In the year 2002 which is the 7th year of its foundation, Radio Bilkent has been reorganized and has started broadcasting at 96.6 with an official firm status titled as Bilkent Radyo Televizyon ve Yayıncılık A.Ş. Radio Bilkent can now be heard allover Ankara with the upgrading of equipment and its facilities. It is the only station in town providing commercial-free music to the Ankara community with its all volunteer student staff.

You can access Radio Bilkent’s website here and listen to the broadcast.