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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I gain membership to Clubs/Communities?
  2. How club/community activities take place?
  3. Rules to be observed in the activities of clubs/communities
  4. Elections
  5. Spring Festival
  6. I have a discipline sanction, how can I get it off the record?
  7. How can I volunteer for SRC?
  8. What needs to be done in the process of launching a new project under the SRC?
  9. How can reach guidelines for Social Responsibility Center?
  10. What kind of support is provided in the context of the Center for Students with Special Needs?
  11. Are there outlets where we can send unused clothes, textbooks or other materials of aid?


The questions will be answered as soon as possible. For your questions, you can send a message to deanofstudents@bilkent.edu.tr.