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Center for Students with Special Needs

Burcu Kılıçoğlu
Tel: 290 2483, 290 1550

Activities Realised

    • Due to the Unit’s office being in the Student Council’s building, a report is submitted to the senior management for an urgent request regarding the re-arrangement of the physical conditions of the building. As a result of this initiative, guardrails have been installed at the entrance of the building and in the middle of the staircases descending to the lower floor, as well as a car park at the entrance.
    • Needs and problems of handicapped students have been identified through direct communication as well as requesting their support and opinion on the activities of the Unit. These requests are forwarded to the relevant administrative departments.
    • The request for using the sports centre, accompanied with a companion is adopted and approved.
    • Monthly menus of the central and east table d’hote cafeterias are prepared in the braille alphabet for the blind students.
    • Activities to meet the requests of the handicapped students related to the examinations is ongoing. (e.g. for the blind students, exam papers to be printed with bigger fonts and permission to sit for the exam accompanied by an observer; exams to be given in buildings and classrooms suitable for the physically handicapped students.)
    • A room is allocated in the library for the blind students. Equipment available in the room are a computer with a screen reader (English) programme called “Jaws”; a scanner, braille printer, special casette player and two special walkmans. A collection with 572 items of materials includes English – Turkish / Turkish – English Dictionary, novels and books, audio casettes, CDs and CD-ROMs on various subjects. These materials, being in the library, are open to everybody, however they can be borrowed only by Bilkent students. Furthermore, the library announces requests for volunteering “reader”s to meet with and assist the blind students for the books to be read aloud. Similarly, library services such as cataloque screening, taking printouts and books from the shelves are provided for the blind students.A collection of notations in braille for about 300 pieces of music for piano is available in the library and these can be borrowed for 15 days by any one, regardless of their being a Bilkent University member.
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