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Social Awareness Projects

  • Voluntary Teaching Project: This teaching and training project is implemented this year (?) at 7 primary education schools.
  • Child Care Centers Project: Regular visits to child care centres.
  • Volunteering Child Project: Regular visits to the caring centres for the elderly people.
  • Training for the Blind Project: The project is implemented with the support of the Uygar Association for the Blind.
  • Computer Training Project: Training is provided either with the computers donated to the relevant schools, or at our university laboratory.
  • Support to the University Personnel Project: Assisting the children of the technical support staff with their school work.
  • Young Vision Project: Supporting the 15-18 age group in the sub-provinces, with cultural and personal development activities.
  • Street Lamp: A project targeting the 7-15 age group. Activities involve awareness raising in families, child abuse, child health problems, social and cultural development.
  • International Project Group: A project implemented with EU assistance and by the volunteering students of Bilkent, aiming to represent Turkey in the best way on the international platform in various areas. e.g. “Why Not If We Can” and “2012 Olimpic Values”, where the latter is supported by the British Council and is still under preparation.
  • Support on Rail Project: Bilkent students travel and accommodate on the train, twice in the year, when visiting a primary education school. e.g. Hikmet Uluğbay Primary School, in Şabanözü Village, Polatlı.

URL: http://www.tdp.bilkent.edu.tr
Tel: 290 21 57