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Summer School Fees

2019 Summer School Courses

Taking courses in Summer School is optional and subject to fees. The tuition fees paid by the students for an academic year cover the courses taken in the Fall and Spring semesters and do not cover the courses taken in Summer School. Tuition fees for Summer School courses are charged on a per-course basis according to the following table.

A student who will graduate by repeating and passing only one course that s/he failed (got an F or FX grade) in Fall or Spring semesters of 2018-2019 academic year is eligible to enroll in the Individual Studies course, provided that the course is not offered in the Summer School; if the course is an elective course there must not be any other course in the same elective course set that the student can take. The tuition fee for Individual Studies is determined based on the number of credits of the course for which the student is taking Individual Studies.


0 credit courses 970 TL
1 credit courses 1,940 TL
2 credit courses 2,910 TL
3 credit courses 3,880 TL
4 credit courses 4,850 TL
5 credit courses 5,820 TL
6 credit courses 6,790 TL


International Students and Turkish Nationals who should pay in US dollars

0 credit courses 250 USD
1 credit courses 500 USD
2 credit courses 750 USD
3 credit courses 1,000 USD
4 credit courses 1,250 USD
5 credit courses 1,500 USD
6 credit courses 1,750 USD


8% VAT is included to the above tuition fees.

Note: Summer School tuition fees should be paid in advance before the summer school course registrations.