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Welcome to Bilkent! Living and working in a new country is a novel and significant experience. This experience can be exciting and stimulating, but at the same time, it can also be challenging and frustrating. The International Center (IC) at Bilkent University is an office established to ease your transition to your new setting and to offer ongoing assistance and guidance during your stay at Bilkent. We welcome you to Bilkent University and wish you a healthy, happy, and successful time throughout your stay.

Prepared by the International Center Office as a reference source for our international faculty, the following guide is intended to help you settle in and adjust as smoothly and quickly as possible.

I strongly recommend that you read this guide thoroughly and carefully, and keep it handy for easy reference. For issues that are not addressed in this guide, please do not hesitate to ask your colleagues, your departmental staff and the International Center for further information. Of course, no guidebook can replicate the valuable experience of firsthand involvement in the events, activities and social life taking place in your new community.

Berna Öncül, Coordinator of the International Center







Bilkent University
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