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Internal Transfer Regulations

As available space permits, a resident may move to another apartment unit with the approval of his/her department chair and the Vice Rector for Administrative and Financial Affairs. You will need to prepare a written statement explaining why you wish to move, and submit it to your department chair. Your department chair will then notify the Vice Rector’s office of your request. If the request is approved by the University, the internal transfer procedure takes place as follows.

  • An internal transfer fee is determined based on the size of the new apartment. For example, the fee charged for a 100 m² apartment is 1,800 TL.
  • The Housing Office will add 50 % to internal transfer fee, if residents with pets would request to move to another apartment.
  • The internal transfer fee and all other moving costs are paid by the resident.
  • Depending on the amount of furnishings to be moved, the cost of renting the moving truck is around 150 – 200 TL. You can rent the truck for a lower fee if the move takes place after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday or Friday. Please contact the Housing Office management to make arrangements.
  • You may hire Housing Office personnel for your move, but only after working hours. Please contact the Housing Office management to learn the rate of payment. Outside movers may be hired for a move taking place during working hours.
  • Please note that no insurance can be provided for your goods during the move, and that the Housing Office does not accept any responsibility for damages that may occur.
  • Please contact the Housing Office for further information, if repairs are needed for the new apartment.


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