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Housing Regulations

For a clean and pleasant living environment:

  • Please use the driers located in the laundry rooms or portable racks to dry your laundry. Refrain from hanging clothes at a visible location on the balconies, or outside of the buildings.
  • Please note that kitchen fan filters should be changed every six months. You can call the Housing Office staff to have your filters changed.
  • Please do not use bedroom/living/dining room furniture on the balconies, or in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Please do not smoke in building entrances and stairwells. Also, do not dispose of your cigarette butts on the ground or flick them out from your window.
  • Please do not place shoes, shoe racks and flowerpots in front of your apartment door, as they will hinder easy entrance and exit.
  • Please do not leave garbage bags in front of your apartment door except during collection hours.
  • In order not to disturb other residents in the faculty housing apartments, please refrain from doing barbeque, frying and/or cooking food at places other than your kitchen.
  • Please do not have parties, picnics and barbecues in the common areas of the campus or in the areas around the apartment buildings so as not to disturb other residents.
  • Please keep the volume of televisions, radios and musical instruments at a low level, and refrain from making any noise (moving furniture, shouting, running, banging doors, operating electrical appliances etc.) that could disturb the residents in your building before 10:00 a.m. and after 10:00 p.m.


For your safety:

  • Please make sure that your windows/doors are closed/locked when you are not in your apartment. Note that in some buildings, the door will lock when the door closes. If you have left the key in the lock, it may not be possible to unlock it from the outside. In other buildings the door must be locked manually. Please do not leave your apartment keys in unsafe places, such as under doormats.
  • Entrance doors are equipped with an intercom system. For your safety, please use this system. Keep your door locked at all times, and do not open it to unknown individuals.
  • The number of lamps and appliances plugged in at a single electrical outlet should not exceed the number that can be accommodated by one surge protector per outlet.
  • In case of unusual odors, smoke or noise originating in your apartment, please contact the Housing Office staff immediately for knowledgeable help.
  • Please read the instructions for all electrical appliances before using them, and do not attempt to handle any electrical problems yourself.
  • Please take necessary precautions so that objects such as flowerpots do not fall from the balconies.
  • Please do not use charcoal grills on the campus grounds or on the balconies of the buildings.
  • Please do not clean the freezer with sharp objects. First unplug the refrigerator and wait until the ice melts. If necessary, call the Housing Office and ask for assistance.
  • Please do not use vacuum cleaners on wet surfaces; they are for dry surfaces only.
    Installing antennas on the roof of the buildings is prohibited for security reasons and also because it causes considerable damage to the roof tiles.
  • Please ask the technician installing your antenna to contact the Housing Office regarding its placement.


For protecting University property:

  • The apartment is for the use of the appointee and members of his/her family only. It cannot be sublet or used by others.
  • The resident assumes full responsibility for damage to University-owned equipment and furnishings.
  • Please return University-owned equipment and furnishings to the Housing Office if you are not using them.
  • If you request that your apartment be painted, the Housing Office will use a standard white paint. If you would like to have your apartment painted in a different color, you will need to pay the cost of having the apartment repainted in the standard color at the time of your departure.


Loss of Keys: Please notify the Housing Office if you lose your apartment key during working hours. After working hours or on the weekend, contact security for help at the emergency number, ext. 6666 or 266 4050.