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General Information

There are faculty housing apartments located on the Main, Middle and East Campuses. These apartments, which are of varying sizes, are well-equipped for the comfort and convenience of the residents.


There is a minimal monthly charge for your residence, which varies according to the size of the apartment. The Housing Office will notify you of the amount in an invoice indicating charges for heating, electricity and maintenance. You are requested to make payments by the 10th of each month to the nearest Housing Office. (There are offices located on the Main, Middle and East Campuses.) For your convenience, you may want to sign a form that allows for the charges to be automatically deducted from your salary. In case of non-payment by the 15th of the month, a 10 percent fine is imposed. If the payment is not made by the end of the month, an amount consisting of the monthly charge plus the fine is deducted from the resident’s salary.

Location of the Housing Offices:
Main Campus Housing Office: Building 19 (ext: 1400, 1551)
East Campus Housing Office: Building C (ext: 5092, 5395)
Middle Campus Housing Office: Building 106 (ext: 8400)

Upon arrival, a list of all appliances, utensils and furnishings provided in the residence is produced to be signed by both parties (the employee and the Housing Office management), stating that all items are present and in good condition.

Residence Certificate
Ask for a “Residence Certificate” from the Housing Office. This is an official document verifying your residency in the assigned apartment.

Pets are allowed in faculty apartments. However, those who own a pet should present a health certificate for the animal to the Housing Office. Please make sure to have the certificate issued not more than 15 days before your departure. The certificate should indicate that the animal is in good health and vaccinated against rabies, and it should be stamped by the relevant government agency in the country where you have been residing. You will need a certificate for each pet you own. For health and safety reasons as well as the comfort of other residents, please
• do not let your pets enter the playgrounds.
• do not let your pets outside unattended.
• do not leave your pet’s feces on the ground.
• do not leave any food items in your building to feed stray cats and dogs.

Note that fogging to control insect infestations may take place several times throughout the year.

Extension of Stay
If you need to stay in your apartment after your contract with the University has expired, and your department approves of this extension, the Housing Office should be notified. The extension cannot exceed two weeks.


Please note that according to the provisions of a relatively new law, all individuals and families residing in university housing are now required to register with a family physician. Please fill out the registration form ( WORD / PDF ) and return it to the University Housing Office.


Residents should vacate the assigned unit within 7 to 15 days of the date that after the employment contract with the University expires. Telephone, cable TV, D-Smart and Digiturk service should be disconnected before leaving the apartment. As part of the departure process, residents should complete and return an apartment inventory form, pay all bills, return library materials and remove all personal property. Keys should be returned to the Housing Office, along with all borrowed items. Residents are responsible for their personal property at all times. If a resident has not vacated the assigned apartment as scheduled (in the case of an internal transfer as well as at the end of a contract period) the Housing Office will make a reasonable attempt to contact him/her. If the resident cannot be reached within two days, all of his/her property will be put in storage for a limited time.