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International Relations (MA, PhD)

Program Information: Please follow the link

Online Application:
Please submit an online application here .

These are minimum necessary scores for applying to the International Relations Ph.D. and M.A. program.

M.A.: 2.75/4.00
Ph.D.: 3.00/4.00

ALES: M.A.: 55 (equally-weighted) Ph.D.: 55 (equally-weighted) (for applicants with master’s degree) ALES scores are valid for 5 years.
Citizens of Turkey should provide ALES score. Applicants who are not citizens of Turkey
should take GRE. ALES scores are valid for 5 years.

GRE: M.A.: 298 (verbal and quantitative total + minimum 4.0 analytical)
Ph.D.: 298 (verbal and quantitative total + minimum 4.0 analytical)

English Proficiency: M.A. and Ph.D.: TOEFL IBT (at least 87), IELTS (at least 6.5 average and 5.5 from each section) or Bilkent PAE (at least C). Validity period for all exams: 2 years

If you submit IELTS or Bilkent English Proficiency Exam (PAE) results and you are applying for a PhD program, you also need to satisfy the foreign language requirement as imposed by the Inter-Universities Board (ÜAK) of Turkey. In that case, a minimum of 55 from YDS or its equivalents as listed by the Board, in a language other than the mother tongue must be submitted.
TOEFL IBT “Special Home Edition” test results will not be accepted. Citizens of Turkey must take the TOEFL IBT exam at one of the test centers in public universities (YÖK requirement).

Proof of Degree: M.A.: undergraduate degree
Ph.D.: graduate degree if already obtained (application requirement: MA/MSc thesis)

Transcripts: M.A.: undergraduate transcripts
Ph.D.: undergraduate & graduate transcripts (most recent one available at the time of application)

Statement of Purpose: M.A.: 500 words max. (reasons for applying to M.A., research and career interests) Ph.D.:1000 words max. (reasons for applying to Ph.D., research interests)

Letters of Recommendation: M.A. and Ph.D.: 3 (uploaded to the system)

A writing sample

Application Deadline: 15 May 2024

Date of Interview:
06 – 07 June 2024

Contact Persons:
Department of International Relations
E-mail: dgs_ir@bilkent.edu.tr
Phone: +90 312 290 1249
Fax +90 312 266 4326