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International Relations (MA, PhD)

Program Information: Please follow the link

Online Application:
Please submit an online application here .

These are minimum necessary scores for applying to the International Relations Ph.D. and M.A. program.

M.A.: 2.75/4.00
Ph.D.: 3.00/4.00

ALES: M.A.: 65 (equally-weighted) Ph.D.: 55 (equally-weighted) (for applicants with master’s degree) ALES scores are valid for 5 years.

GRE: M.A.: 302 (verbal and quantitative total + minimum 4.0 analytical)
Ph.D.: 298 (verbal and quantitative total + minimum 4.0 analytical)

English Proficiency: M.A. and Ph.D.: TOEFL IBT (at least 87), IELTS (at least 6.5 average and 5.5 from each section) or Bilkent PAE (at least C). Validity period for all exams: 2 years

Proof of Degree: M.A.: undergraduate degree
Ph.D.: graduate degree if already obtained (application requirement: MA/MSc thesis)

Transcripts: M.A.: undergraduate transcripts
Ph.D.: undergraduate & graduate transcripts (most recent one available at the time of application)

Statement of Purpose: M.A.: 500 words max. (reasons for applying to M.A., research and career interests) Ph.D.:1000 words max. (reasons for applying to Ph.D., research interests)

Letters of Recommendation: M.A. and Ph.D.: 3 (uploaded to the system)

A writing sample

Application Deadline: 15 May 2022, Sunday

Date of Interview:
To be announced

Contact Persons:
Department of International Relations
E-mail: dgs_ir@bilkent.edu.tr
Phone: +90 312 290 1249
Fax +90 312 266 4326