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  • Faculty of Education, Dean:
    Alipaşa Ayas
  • Faculty of Science, Dean:
    Tayfun Özçelik
  • Faculty of Art, Design, and Architecture, Dean:
    Yasemin Afacan
  • Faculty of Law, Dean:
    Ece Göztepe Çelebi
  • Faculty of Business Administration, Acting Dean:
    Selim Aktürk
  • Faculty of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences, Acting Dean:
    Refet Gürkaynak
  • Faculty of Humanities and Letters, Dean:
    Simon D. Wigley
  • Faculty of Engineering, Dean:
    Orhan Arıkan
  • Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Dean:
    Kağan Korad
  • Faculty of Applied Sciences, Dean:
    H. Altay Güvenir