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Coronavirus and COVID-19 Update (March 05, 2020)

Today, on social media and some online sources, there have been reports about an international Bilkent University student being transferred to hospital with high fever directly from the airport upon his return from his home country and later being diagnosed with coronavirus disease.  Other sources have alluded to a suspected coronavirus infection case, based on reports about a Bilkent student who was seen being transported in an ambulance while wearing a protective mask.

The news about the international student are completely unfounded. The other student actually came to the Bilkent University East Campus Health Center on 04.03.2020 with complaints of fever and respiratory distress. This student was transferred to Ankara City Hospital under precautionary measures. According to information received from hospital officials, doctors saw no need to test the student for coronavirus and the patient was discharged.

There are currently no Bilkent students who are diagnosed with coronovirus disease. Bilkent University continues to take all necessary measures for the health of its students and employees.