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Table D’hote Meal Plan


The table d’hote payment options for students will operate as follows:

  • Students will now be able to purchase and upload to their IDs credits for as many individual meals (minimum of five) as they wish.
  • Each meal will cost 7,75 TL, and students can use a one-meal credit at breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Note that there is no time limitation for using prepaid meal credits. Also, the new system of credits can be used for both the fixed and alternative menus; the alternative menu counts as two meals.
  • Uploading meal plans onto ID cards can be done via STARS – SRS service by selecting the “Purchase Meals” option under the “Other Services” menu. Kiosks located on Main Campus Table d’hote Cafeteria and East Campus Table d’hote Cafeteria also provide access for STARS service.
Meal Meal Price Meal Plan
Breakfast 10,70 TL 7,75 TL
Fixed Menu (four kinds of meals) 15,50 TL 7,75 TL
Alternative Menu (four kinds of meals) 20,50 TL 15,50 TL