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23rd Career Fair – Participating Companies


OBSS Teknoloji

OBSS has been one of the leading companies in the software industry since 2005, with its experience in application development, software architecture, DevOps and ALM, software quality assurance tests with its expert staff.

OBSS has the principle of responding to the challenging tasks and project needs in the best way by evaluating the requirements and the existing technological infrastructure. We develop solutions by deciding the most appropriate system design and tools for customer needs with our expertise in various fields such as microservice architecture, cloud computing technologies, machine learning and big data.

In addition, we offer support to corporate companies about DevOps cultural transformation.

OBSS meets with thousands of university students and new graduates every year with its talent-oriented approach. We not only empower the youth with scholarships, coding competitions carried out in Turkey’s leading universities, internships with the aim of discovering talented young engineers but also support their personal and professional development.

OBSS is also able to offer secure software development service thanks to the Facility Security Certificate issued by the Ministry of National Defense, by developing projects that are compatible with the CMMI Level 3 software maturity model, aiming to provide better quality services to its customers.


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