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Smoking Policy

The use of tobacco and tobacco products has been restricted with the Turkish law # 4207 dated November 26, 1996. New smoking ban ( law # 5727 ) will take effect as of May 19, 2008. In accordance with the law on “Prevention and Control of Harm from Tobacco and Tobacco Products.” smoking will not be permitted in enclosed areas of institutions providing educational services and on public transportation vehicles. In order to comply with the law, the following rules and regulations are in effect at Bilkent University:

  • Smoking will not be permitted in any closed area of the University including faculty and staff offices and dorm rooms except faculty housing apartments.
  • After the stated date, previously designated smoking areas located in cafeterias will be smoke-free settings. Please note that, smokers who do not comply with the new smoke free law will receive 91 TL in fines.

Campus security is responsible for ensuring compliance with these rules and regulations. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who, in spite of warnings, continue to smoke in restricted areas.

For comments, suggestions and questions: nosmoke@bilkent.edu.tr