Workshop: “Virtual Reality as a New Way of Storytelling,” Simon Wilkinson, FFB-11, 10AM May 2 (EN)

WORKSHOP: Virtual Reality as a New Way of Storytelling

Date: May 2nd, Monday

Time: 10.00 – 12.30

Place: FF-B11, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

The emergence of virtual reality comes at a time when storytellers are starting to find new ways to tell stories across multiple-platforms. Simon Wilkinson discusses the evolution of his own storytelling over the past five years as virtual reality has grown. Filmmaking and Virtual Reality? When cinema steps out of its domain and enters the territorries of VR, the relationship between these two separate terms sets forth a qualitatively new discussion.

Simon Wilkinson’s work incorporates audiovisual, installation, virtual reality, electronic music, and online and performance mediums, often combining all of these approaches in order to immerse audiences in
experiences which invite critical analysis of consensus reality. His work has been featured at Tate Modern, tours the international circuit regularly, and been translated into several languages. Simon currently produces under the name circa69.

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