Workshop: “How to Debunk Misinformation,” Atakan Foça, Journalist & Communication Expert, FFB-06, 3:40PM April 13 (TR)

COMD Workshop

How to debunk misinformation
Date: April 13th, Wednesday
Time: 15.40 – 17.00
Place: FF-B06, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

What is the impact of social media over news journalism, and how can we verify news digitally shared on social media? Journalist Atakan Foça will be discussing the motivation behind the snowballing of misinformation and basics of verifying digital content for emergency coverage.

Atakan Foça is a journalist and communication expert. He trains and shares information on digital verification technics, data journalism, social media and practices of searching the web for journalists through his website
(The event will be in Turkish)