UNAMtalks: Prof. Dr. Orhan Güvenen, UNAM Conference Hall, 3:30PM June 14 (EN)(TR)

Dear Colleagues and Students,

We are organising a new series of intellectually enriching non-technical talks: “UNAMtalks”, initiated and co-organized by MSN Graduate Student Ambassadors and Bilkent Nanoscience Society. In these series @UNAM, we will be inviting distinguished guests from academia, industry, … all walks of life — to share with us their experience and visions. Please feel free to contribute to this talk series by suggesting guest names.

We are starting the UNAMtalks program with Professor Orhan Güvenen, who has kindly taught MSN 591 Nanotechnology and Its Impacts on Socio-Economic Structures at UNAM over the years and served as the Chairman of the Advisory Board on Strategy, Economy and Industry of National Nanotechnology Research Center – UNAM, 2007 – 2017.

Please follow the links for Prof. Güvenen’s CV and publications.

Date: 14.06.2017 (Wednesday)
Time: 15:30
Venue: UNAM Conference Hall

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