Turkish Unit Awards Ceremony: C-Block Auditorum, 5:45PM December 20

Turkish (TURK 101-TURK 102) is a compulsory course for all Bilkent University undergraduate students. It is designed as an effective way of learning based on creativity and free thinking in compliance with Turkish grammar rules. Our courses allow students to express their own feelings about books, contemporary cultural and artistic events and write remarkable essays during the academic year. These essays, written during the 2017-2018 academic year, have been evaluated by a committee and some of them are awarded in terms of their authenticity and creativity.

We would be honored by your presence at award ceremony also attended by the Rector of Bilkent University Abdullah Atalar, where awards will be presented to successful ones.

Time: Thursday, December 20, 2018, 17:45
Place: FEASS, C-Block-Amphitheater
(The award ceremony will approximately last an hour.)


Zeki C. Kuruoğlu, Acting Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Letters
Zeynep Seviner, Acting Chair, Department of Turkish Literature
Seda Uyanık Tanrıverdi, Turkish Course Coordinator