Theater Play: “Waiting For Lefty,” Senior Project, Bilkent Theater Hall, 8PM March 23 (TR)

The Department of Performing Arts students will stage ” Waiting For Lefty” on 2,9, 16, and 23 March, 2017 at 20.00 at the FMPA Building,
Bilkent Theater Hall.
(GE250-251 20 points)

“Waiting For Lefty” (one Act,Turkish)
Senior Project

Playwrights: Clifford Odets
Director: Jason HALE
Costum Design: İnci Kangal Özgür
Players: Emrullah Cakay, Efe Cetinel, Alper Cankaya, Faysal Dakni, Elif
Kaman, Barkin Kenan, Gulcin Kultur, Pelin Sahin, Berkay Sekerci,
Lighting Design: Yılmaz Ertekin

Waiting for Lefty is a 1935 play by the American playwright Clifford Odets. Waiting for Lefty is the story of a meeting of a New York cab driver’s union on the verge of a strike. A corrupt union leader arrogantly tries to discourage the members from walking out, support for a strike is high, and the workers nervously await the arrival of the leader of the strike faction, Lefty Costello. As they wait, members of the strike committee address the workers, each telling the story of how he came to be involved in the union and convinced of the necessity for a strike. Waiting for Lefty is a vigorous, confrontational work, based on a real 1934 strike of unionized New York cabdrivers.

Age: +12,
One act, Turkish
Bus Service will be provided from FMPA building to Tunus Street.
Phone: 0.312.290 17 75