Theater Play: “Look Back In Anger,” Senior Project, Bilkent Chamber Theater, 8PM December 8, 12, 14, 19 & 21 (TR)

Bilkent Theater is proud to present John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger as its first Senior Project in 2017-18.

“Look Back In Anger”
Writer: John Osbourne
Director: Cem Emüler
Costume Design: Selvi Şaşmaz
Set Design: Hazal Yalım
Lighting Design: Yılmaz Ertekin
Players: Naz Göktan, Berk Cem Göksel, Melisa Berberoğlu, Ahmet Kılıç

Look Back in Anger is about four people struggling to live together in 1950s England.
Jimmy Porter (Berk Cem Göksel) is an “angry young man” of the working class.
A college drop-out, Jimmy sells candy in a stall for a living with his best friend Cliff (Ahmet Kılıç). He lives in a small loft with his upper-middle class wife Alison (Naz Göktan), whose privileged upbringing will soon become an issue for Jimmy. Alison’s snobbish friend Helena’s (Melisa Berberoğlu) visit to the loft will contribute to Jimmy’s struggle. Can he reconcile and
find a meaning to hold onto when he is looking back in anger?

Osborne’s “Look Back in Anger” is one of the most influential plays of modern British theater. Look Back in Anger (Öfke) is directed by Cem Emüler of Bilkent Theater Department. The play is performed in Turkish.

December 8-12-14-19-21
Bilkent Chamber Theater at 20:00
GE 250-251 20 points
Tel: 0.312 290 17 75