Theater Play: “Çok Tuhaf Soruşturma,” Juniour Project II, Bilkent Chamber Theater, 8PM November 7 (TR)

Çok Tuhaf Soruşturma is on the stage again.

2018-2019 Juniour Project II

Writer: Ferhan Şensoy
Director: Munir Canar
Set design: Özlem Gezgin
Light design: Yılmaz Ertekin
Players: Ege Derin,Haydar Özkan, Kutay Karagülle,Oğuzhan Keskin, Toygun Elaldı

Yes, “Very Strange Investigation”! The name of the plays gives the strong idea of the story. A young man gets panicked and runs away until he comes face to face with the police and is caught and interrrogated. “Are you running away? Tell me about this”! The young man and two of his close friends fall into the police investigation and become partners of ill fate. Years of imprisonments, broken principals, and the years spent thinking of whether they should have run or not. The story ends with a very strange ending. A surprise!

October 17, 24, 31 and November 7
Bilkent Chamber Theater at 20:00
GE 250-251, 20 points
Tel: 0312 290 17 75