Theater Play: “Catch 22,” Senior Project, Bilkent Theater Hall, 8PM April 6-7-13-20-27, May 4-11 (TR)

(2 Act, Turkish) Black Comedy

Playwrights: JOSEPH HELLER
Costum Design: SELVİ ŞAŞMAZ
Lighting Design: YILMAZ ERTEKİN
Players: Emrullah Cakay, Efe Cetinel, Alper Cankaya, Faysal Dakni, Elif Kaman, Barkin Kenan, Gulcin Kultur, Pelin Sahin, Berkay Sekerci,

An American base stationed in Italy during World War II; The bomber officer Yossarian faces a serious dilemma. Yossarian, who often falls into a funny situation when he tries every possible way to escape from the mission, becomes a source of entertainment for his friends and commanders.

The destroyed cities, committed crimes against humanity, destroyed civilization, Yossarian does not care. There is a simple, very simple wish: to go home and live forever …

April 6 Thursday at 8.00 pm
And 7-13-20-27 April , 4-11 May, at 8.00 pm

Age: +12,
Bus Service will be provided from FMPA building to Tunus Street.

GE 250-251 20 Point
Phone: 0312 290 17 75