Talk: “Writing Popular Science,” TÜBİTAK Popular Science Magazines Department, UNAM Conference Hall, 3:40PM March 8 (TR)

On Thursday, 8 March 2018, a talk titled “Writing Popular Science” will be given by the TÜBİTAK Popular Science Magazines Department at Bilkent University for an audience of interested academicians and undergraduate and graduate students. The talk will take place at the SU-01 UNAM Conference Hall at 15:40. In Turkey the subjects of science communication and popular science writing do not draw enough interest as academic research areas. The talk therefore will give information about how scientific and technological advances could be conveyed to society most correctly and most approachably, taking as its foundation the experience of TÜBİTAK, which has been a pioneer in popular science publishing for more than fifty years. The talk will embrace topics including the importance of science communication and science literacy, the purpose of popular science magazines, and the norms of writing effective popular science articles and science news. It is also aimed to encourage those who would like to write popular science.