Talk: “The Influence of Fairness Judgments, Reference Points, and Subjective Entitlements on Bargaining Behavior and Outcomes,” Emin Karagözoğlu, A-130, 12:40PM November 20 (EN)

“The Influence of Fairness Judgments, Reference Points, and Subjective Entitlements on Bargaining Behavior and Outcomes”
By Emin Karagözoğlu (Bilkent, Economics)

Date: Tuesday, 20th November, 2018
Time: 1240 – 1330
Place: A-130

Organized by the Mind, Brain and Behavior Research Group at Bilkent University.

Abstract: Bargaining has always been one of the most popular topics within the game theory tradition. Not surprisingly, it gained a similar status when economists started running lab experiments. Bargaining experiments conducted in the 80s led economists to question some of their assumptions such as “selfish, rational man”. One consequence was a fast growing line of work on altruism (or other-regarding behavior), social preferences, and bounded rationality. My experimental work on bargaining focuses mainly on three topics: (i) richness of the context, (ii) jointly produced bargaining pies, and (iii) fairness judgments, subjective entitlements, and reference points. In this seminar, I’ll talk about some regularities in behavior, which I have been observing in my experiments in the last ten years and discuss some potential research ideas that could be pursued using FMRI experiments.

About the speaker: Dr. Karagözoğlu received his PhD degree from Maastricht University in 2010 with his thesis on bargaining and claim problems. Broadly speaking, his fields of expertise are game theory, experimental economics, and behavioral economics. He taught courses on microeconomic theory, game theory, and bargaining theory and experiments in various universities. In his current research, Dr. Karagözoğlu investigates fairness judgments, focal/reference points, time pressure, communication, joint production, roles of effort vs luck, complementarity of inputs, transaction costs, and arbitration in bargaining games/problems. His articles appeared in prestigious international journals such as Management Science, Games and Economic Behavior, Experimental Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Annals of Operations Research, Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, Mathematical Social Sciences, Group Decision and Negotiation, Theory and Decision, and Operations Research Letters. Dr. Karagözoğlu has visited and conducted research at institutions such as Harvard University, MIT, LMU Munich, University of Nottingham, University of Innsbruck, Maastricht University, University of East Anglia. He is a CESifo-Munich research affiliate, recipient of The Science Academy’s Distinguished Young Scientist Award (2015) and Bilkent University’s Distinguished Teaching Award (2015). Dr. Karagözoğlu’s hobbies include reading about paradoxes in epistemology and probability theory, cognitive/neuro psychology, and literature; watching movies, auto races, and football.