Talk: “The Formative Years: Archaeology, Politics and the Emergence of Amedeo Maiuri in Early 20th Century Rhodes,” Dr. Athena Hadji, Library Orientation Room, 12:40PM November 29 (EN)

Dear Bilkent colleagues and students,

The Program in Cultures, Civilizations and Ideas cordially invites you to the next talk in its colloquium series, featuring Assistant Professor Athena Hadji (CCI and Architecture) on “The formative years: archaeology, politics and the emergence of Amedeo Maiuri in early 20th century Rhodes.” Dr. Hadji will hold her talk on Tuesday, November 29 at 12:40 in the Bilkent Main Campus Library Orientation Room. Sandwiches and refreshments will be available.

An abstract for Dr. Hadji’s talk is below. Thank you for your consideration and best wishes,

Sjoerd Levelt
Willian Coker
CCI Colloquium Committee

“The formative years: archaeology, politics and the emergence of Amedeo Maiuri in early 20th century Rhodes”

This talk traces the trajectory of the history of archaeology and official attitudes toward antiquities and monuments during the Italian occupation of the Dodecanese (1912-1945). The main research goal is to shed light on an aspect of Italian cultural imperialism during the aforementioned period drawing on resources that have not been studied previously.

One of the first official acts performed by the Italian governance of the Dodecanese was the restoration of the Hospital of the Knights in the medieval city of the island of Rhodes and the foundation of the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes on its premises.

A major part of the project was the removal of later Ottoman additions to the 15th c. medieval edifice. The new museum was inaugurated in early 1916. This act was most indicative of the attitude of the new regime toward the occupied population as well as their future plans and intentions. A key to its interpretation is the exploitation of the connection with the past and archaeological research as a means of political persuasion.

Methodologically, the present lecture is the outcome of a three-year research project in the State Archives of the Prefecture of the Dodecanese, stored on the island of Rhodes. A focal point of the talk is the purchase of antiquities on behalf of the museum, especially during the directorship of Amedeo Maiuri in the first formative years of the Italian Administration.