Talk: “Epistemic Public Trust in Science,” Gürol Irzık (Sabancı University), H-232, 3:40-5:15PM November 23 (EN)

“Epistemic Public Trust in Science”
By Gürol Irzık (Sabancı, Philosophy)

Date: Thursday 23rd November, 2017
Time: 1540-1715
Place: H-232

In this presentation I provide an analysis of public’s having warranted epistemic trust in science, that is, the conditions under which the public may be said to have well-placed trust in the scientists as providers of information. I distinguish between basic and enhanced epistemic trust in science and provide necessary conditions for both. I then present the controversy regarding the (alleged) connection between autism and measles-mumps-rubella vaccination as a case study to illustrate the offered analysis. The realization of warranted epistemic public trust in science requires various societal conditions, which I briefly introduce in the concluding section.