Talk: “Alien Encounters: Race and UFO Tourism in Roswell, New Mexico,” Kara McCormack, G-160, 5:40PM November 22 (EN)

“Alien Encounters: Race and UFO Tourism in Roswell, New Mexico”, By Kara McCormack

Date: Thursday, 22nd November, 2018
Time: 17.40
Place: G- 160

Abstract: When people think of Roswell, New Mexico, they may think of the UFO landing story from 1947. This narrative is so popular that Roswell has crafted its public identity around the “Roswell Incident”
and made UFO tourism—one that predominantly targets white men—its central business endeavor. In addition to exploring the economic and cultural factors that led to the city’s embrace of UFO tourism, this paper asks what role Roswell’s racially fraught past may have played in the decision of Roswell officials to assume an identity that erases its history, marginalizes its Hispanic population, and marks it clearly as Anglo.
The talk is being sponsored by the Department of American Culture and Literature. Refreshments will be served. All Bilkent students and faculty are welcome.