Swim Challenge: November 5-December 9 (for Men)/December 16 (for Women)

The Sports Center will be organizing “Sports as a way of life” Swim Challenge between November 5 and December 9(for men)/December 16(for women).
In order to get point you should swim more than half an hour at least 2, at most 5 times a week during 4/5 week period. They will get five Swim Challenge points each time that they swim between 30 and 45 minute and 10 Swim Challenge points each time that they swim more than 45 minute.
If one can collect
• 60 “Swim Challenge” point will receive 30,
• 80 “Swim Challenge” point will receive 40,
• 100 “Swim Challenge” point will receive 50,
• 120 “Swim Challenge” point will receive 60,
GE 250/1 points.
At the end of the event reception will take place. Participants who collect 120 and over “Swim Challenge” points will be received special prizes.
Please inform Lifeguard about your participation on each time you come to pool.
For info: spor@bilkent.edu.tr / 290 69 02