Spring Fest Parking Rules: April 28-30

Due to the Spring Fest, the following measures have been taken and restrictions will be effective from April 28 through 30 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

1. As the attached plan indicated in red, the road from the Library Building to the Dormitory Building #50 and the road from the FEASS Building to the FMPA Building will be closed to traffic as well as all parking lots in this area.

2. The parking lots located next to the Café In Building and between the SAL and G Buildings will be reserved for vehicles carrying academic and administrative staff stickers only. Therefore, the academic and administrative staff will be allowed to enter the Spring Fest Area from the Library Building side for parking.

3. In order to maintain a proper traffic flow during the Spring Fest, drivers are requested to abide by the warnings and instructions of the security staff, and are advised to prefer routes and parking lots outside the areas mentioned above.

4. We advice the academic staff living on campus to leave their cars in the faculty housing parking areas during these three days.

5. We strongly advise our students to use public transportation rather than their own cars to get to the campus. The University Transportation Unit will increase the frequency and the number of service buses during the Spring Fest period.

6. Entrance to the campus will be restricted throughout the Spring Fest exclusively to those holding Bilkent vehicle stickers.