Sports as a Way of Life: “Swim Challenge,” March 27-April 29 (Men’s), March 27-May 6 (Women’s)

Physical Education and Sports Center will be organizing “Sports as a way of life” Swim Challenge between March 27 and April 29(Men’s)/May 6(Women’s).
In order to get point you should swim more than half an hour at least 2, at most 5 times a week during 4/5 week period.
If one can collect
• 60 “Swim Challenge” point will receive 30,
• 80 “Swim Challenge” point will receive 40,
• 100 “Swim Challenge” point will receive 50,
• 120 “Swim Challenge” point will receive 60,
GE 250/1 points.
At the end of the event reception will take place. Participants who collect 120 and over “Swim Challenge” points will be received “Sports as a Way of Life” t-shirts. Also top finishers of each category (men-women) may get special prizes.
Please inform Lifeguard about your participation on each time you come to pool.
For info: 69 02