Social Awareness Project: “The Sun Rises from the Village (Günköy),” Booths in front of Building A March 1-2-5-6; in front of Building N March 5-6

One of the projects of Social Awareness Projects, The Sun Rises From The Village, is waiting for your support for a library renovation and construction of the Çorum Osmancık Yaylabaşı village school. You can bring required aids to our booth which will be located in front of the A Building, between 1,2,5,6 March.

List of requirements:
– Books for primary and middle school students
– Stationery(Notebook, Pencil, Eraser, etc.)
– Clothings for primary and middle school agr groups (Coat, Sweater,
Socks, etc.)
– Cleaning supplies

Place and Date : 1,2,5,6 March in front of the A Building
5,6 March N Building