Senior Thesis Defenses: Department of Philosophy, H-235, 9AM-3:30PM May 31 (EN)

Date: May 31
Time: 09.00-15.30
Room: H-235

Everyone is warmly invited to attend.


0900-0925: Reyyan Baş “A New Approach to Molyneux’s Problem”
0925-0950: Göksu Dayan “On Zombies”
0950-1015: Gülce Torun “Filling the Moral Gap between Rational and Emotional”

1015-1025: Break

1025-1050: Fatih Öztürk “Emotional Machines”
1050-1115: Elif Erdoğan “Universality in Aesthetic Judgments”
1115-1140: Eylül Yücel “Plato and Musonius Rufus on Gender Equality”

1140-1300: Lunch

1300-1325: Samet Sevindi “Is There a Duty to Obey the Law Beyond Political Obligation?”
1325-1350: Bilge Sever “Spinoza’s Understanding of Conatus and Evolutionary Ethics”
1350-1415: Emre Keser “Analytical Marxism: Marx, ‘de non te fabula narratur!'”

1415-1425: Break

1425-1450: Orhan Kavas “Content Regulation and Photojournalism”
1450-1515: Deniz Koç “Lying: Should Politicians be Permitted to Lie?”