Seminar: “The Turkey-NATO-Russia Triangle in Black Sea Security. Patterns of Continuity and Change.” Lars Haugom (Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies, Oslo), A-130, 12:30PM February 7 (EN)

Lars Haugom

“The Turkey – NATO – Russia triangle in Black Sea security. Patterns of continuity and change”

Date&Time: 7.02.2019, Thursday, 12.30
Room: A-130

Short Bio:
Lars Haugom is Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (IFS) in Oslo, focusing on Turkey, the Middle East and security policy. His professional background is from the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Armed Forces where he has held positions as lecturer, senior analyst and head of analysis branch. Haugom’s current research projects are on Turkey and European security, Turkish civil-military relations, and intelligence analysis in the digital age.