Seminar: “The Dynamics of Cognition: Decoding Brain Activity with Machine Learning,” Dr. Christoph T. Weidemann (Visiting Scholar-University of Pennsylvania), A-130, 12:40PM April 4 (EN)

Christoph T. Weidemann
Department of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, USA (Visiting scholar)
Department of Psychology, Swansea University, UK

“The dynamics of cognition: Decoding brain activity with machine learning”

Performance in a cognitive task, such as a memory test, does not clearly distinguish between alternative theories of the underlying processes. Brain activity can provide important additional insights into the dynamics of cognitive processes as they unfold. I will show examples of my work where I used multivariate statistical (“machine learning”) methods to quantify associated neural signals to inform theories of human memory.

DATE : Wednesday, 4 April 2018
TIME : 12.40-13.30
ROOM : A-130