Seminar: “Real-life Learnings as an Engineer at Microsoft,” Çağlar Günyaktı (Microsoft, Seattle, USA), EA-409, 3:40PM August 2 (EN)

Department of Computer Engineering
S E M I N A R: Real-life learnings as an engineer at Microsoft
Çağlar Günyaktı
Microsoft, Seattle, USA
I would like to share my real-world experiences and learnings at Microsoft over the last two decades. – What does it take to develop complex software to billions of customers? – How to be a successful engineer in a big software company? – Product cycle at Microsoft – Recruiting Engine at Microsoft – Trends in Software technology
Bio: Caglar has received his BSc degree in 1995 and MSc in 1997 from Bilkent University Computer Engineering and Information Sciences Department. He accepted Microsoft’s offer in 1997 rather than pursuing PhD at University of Southern California. Caglar has started as Software Design Engineer in Quality in Windows team, and then promoted to Quality Lead and then acting Quality Manager within 3 years. He switched to Software Development Role when he started working on Security area. He has implemented Windows Product Activation feature for Windows XP. Then he was promoted to Development Lead, and then Development Manager role to deliver Windows Genuine Advantage, Activation and Validation Service. During Windows 8 development cycle, he owned Setup and Deployment of Windows, where he also delivered last version of Windows Media Center in addition to Digital download functionality of Windows. After getting promoted to Partner level, he owned Telemetry Backend Services for Microsoft, Data Platform for OneDrive and Sharepoint teams. In 2015, Caglar went back to his security roots, and he is currently managing Windows Defender Anti-virus, Windows Defender Advanced Thread Protection Suite. Caglar hold over 15 patents in US and internationally in security related area.

DATE: 02 August 2017, Wednesday @ 15:40