Seminar: “Machines and Devices Made up of Mechanically Interlocked Molecules,” Asst. Prof. Dr. Sündüs Erbaş Çakmak (Konya Food and Agriculture University), Faculty of Science Building, B Block, Seminar Room #Z-14, 12:40PM March 21 (EN)

Machines and Devices Made up of Mechanically Interlocked Molecules
Asst. Prof. Dr. Sündüs Erbaş Çakmak
Konya Food and Agriculture University,
Molecular Biology and Genetics Department, Konya

Random thermal motion (Brownian motion) of a tiny particle can be biased with the addition of extra energy to make artificial molecular machines that are capable of directional rotary or translational motion. Mechanically interlocked molecules can display unique chemical and mechanical properties where the independent components cannot, and relative motion of the components can be utilised to ratchet particle’s motion, drive systems out-of-equilibrium or to regulate reaction rate, type and selectivity. First part of the presentation will cover our novel approaches to get unidirectional rotary and translational motion using mechanically interlocked molecules. In these motor molecules, acid-base driven dynamic covalent chemistry and orthogonal supramolecular interactions (chemical energy) are used to ratchet molecule’s motion in a 1D track. In the second part of the presentation, unique structural properties of interlocked molecules and their potential applications will be explored. Progress in processive, encodable, sequence specific peptide synthesis with artificial small-molecule ribosome mimic will be presented. Very first switchable asymmetric catalysis with mechanically point-chiral rotaxane catalysts will be highlighted and the future directions to develop functional organic materials by utilising interlocked supramolecular architectures will be discussed.

Date: March 21 (Tuesday)
Time: 12:40
Place: Faculty of Science Building, B Block, Seminar Room #Z-14

All interested are cordially invited.