Seminar: “Food Process Engineering and Unilever,” Dr. Tolga Susuzlu, Unilever R&D Ice Cream Process Development Manager, EA-409, 10:40AM February 10 (EN)

Mechanical Engineering Department Seminar
Friday, February 10
EA-409 Seminar Room
Unilever R&D Ice Cream Process Development Manager
We will start our seminar with a short introduction of Unilever and its global R&D capabilities. We will continue our talk by focusing on the role of process engineering in Unilever, especially food production by giving real life examples. We will examine the role of food process engineering in the context of a mechanical engineer and decribes the role of process engineers giving examples from Unilever.
A food engineer might be described as someone who uses science and knowledge, to design, construct, operate, or maintain devices, equipment, or systems to provide food for the society we live in. This will embrace principles of applied mathematics, mechanics of machines, thermodynamics, fluid systems, and strength of materials, which are required for the design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of engineering systems and equipment.
Dr. Susuzlu completed his undergraduate studies in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University (METU) in 1998. Afterwards he started to work in Aselsan while completing his MSc. degree in METU, specialized in production technologies. Afterwards he moved to the Netherlands where in 2007 he defended his Ph.D. in Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) with a thesis in High Pressure Water jet cutting. Meanwhile, he started to work in the Unilever R&D center in the Netherlands in 2006 as a process engineer. During that period, he developed new processes for the production of tea, sauces and savory products. In 2013, Dr. Susuzlu moved back to Turkey as an ice cream process manager. Since then, he continued to work for Unilever and developed many new exciting ice cream products.