Seminar: “City Logistics,” Prof. Haldun Sural (METU), EA-409, 1:40PM October 6 (EN)

City Logistics

Prof. Haldun Sural
METU, Industrial Engineering
Oct 6, Friday 13:40

City logistics (CL) aims to improve urban freight transportation systems by considering the costs and benefits to the society, integrating the individual actors, and changing segmented components of the freight transportation into a cooperative setting. This study provides an overview of challenges appeared in the real-life applications of CL and CL studies in the literature. Coordination of stakeholders and consolidation of goods are the key elements of CL. Consolidation usually takes place at city distribution centers (CDC). Freight arrives to CDCs through different modes. Goods are processed and consolidated based on demands and are dispatched to be distributed to the customers. This is how the single-echelon systems work. In the multi-echelon systems, there are satellites between CDCs and customers and goods of the higher echelon vehicles are trans-docked to the next echelon vehicles without staging. Varieties of CL freight systems will be presented.

Brief bio of the speaker
Haldun Süral is professor at the IE Department of METU. He received his BS, MS, and PhD all from METU. His work experience includes teaching/research positions at METU, INSEAD (France), and UW and WLU (Canada). His applied research works range from supply/production/distribution network design to restructuring a large humanitarian aid organization and waste management system design. He is an area editor of INFOR: Information Systems and Operational Research, a member of the advisory board of OR Spectrum, and he served at the editorial board of Turkish Journal of Industrial Engineering. He is past president of the OR Society of Turkey. His research interests include methodology, modeling, and applications in OR and history of OR in Turkey.