Seminar: “Center-Periphery Relations: What kind of Rule, and Does It Matter?,” Nicholas Onuf, Professor Emeritus, Florida International University, A-130, 12:30PM April 15 (EN)

FPPR Senior Scholar Series

“Center-Periphery Relations: What kind of rule, and does it matter?”

Nicholas Onuf
15 April 2016, Friday at 12:30
Bilkent University Main Campus, A-building, A130 Seminar Room

The field of International Relations is dominated by scholars who take for granted that international relations constitute an anarchy, or absence of rule. Those scholars accustomed to speaking about center-periphery relations think otherwise, but they fail to make clear what kind of rule they have in mind. Different kinds of rule work in different ways, and they may be combined to discourage resistance and make rule even more effective. Such is the case with the structure of contemporary international relations, where conditions of rule have changed very little in recent decades.

*Speaker: Nicholas Onuf is Professor Emeritus, Florida International University, Miami, and Professor Associado, Instituto de Relações Internationais, Pontifica Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro. He is currently a Fulbright Professor at Panteion University in Athens and has been affiliated with sixteen universities on four continents. His latest book, Making Sense, Making Worlds: Constructivism in Social Theory and International Relations (2013) was published in conjunction with the republication of World of Our Making: Rules and Rule in Social Theory and International Relations (1989).

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