Remembrance: “Holocaust Memory, Awareness and Education in Turkey,” A-130, 6-9PM April 29 (TR)(EN)

The impact of the Holocaust went well beyond its immediate European context during the past 70 years and, today, the Holocaust has become an international reference point and a paradigm in understanding mass violence. Holocaust education is now an instrument of facing the past and confronting contemporary human rights violations, discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism. Although it does not figure in Turkish collective memory, Turkey recently applied for membership in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and, thus, showed willingness to integrate the Holocaust into the national curriculum.

This activity will address perceptions and memory of the Holocaust, the aims of Holocaust education in Turkey and possible difficulties facing educators.

DATE: Friday, 29 April, 18:00-21:00


18:00 Opening Speech

18:05 Excerpt from “Watchers of the Sky” (Edet Belzberg 2014) (in English)

18:20 Panel (in Turkish)

Prof. Suavi Aydın (Hacettepe University): “Racism and the Holocaust in the Context
of Ethnic Cleansing and Nationalism”

Assoc. Prof. İlker Aytürk (Bilkent University) and Dr. Pınar Dost Niyego (YATOÇ,
Bilgi University): “Explaining the Holocaust in Turkey: Perceptions and Realities”

18:50 Coffee Break

19:15 Holocaust Survivor Alfred Münzer Tells His Story: Live Video
Interview at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC (in English)

20:00 Q & A