PHIL Talk: “Acknowledgment, not Recognition: A Wish-to-say,” Ertürk Demirel (Boğaziçi University), H-232, 11AM November 30 (EN)

“Acknowledgment, not Recognition: A Wish-to-say”

By Erturk Demirel (Boğaziçi, Philosophy)
Date: Friday 30 November, 2018
Time: 1100-1230
Place: H-232

Abstract: I examine acknowledgment in Rancière’s philosophy, drawing on his notion of disagreement. I reflect on the speech of Percennius the slave in Ancient Rome. Acknowledgment for Rancière is an act of speech irreducible to recognition that acknowledges and poetically investigates the silent figure that comes before the law, seeking words in this exposure to what is to come. It is not simply registration of emergent identities; it also relies on substitution for and suspension of the norms of sensibility under which it makes sense. I suggest the term ‘acknowledgment’ for a poetic speech act that is irreducible to recognition in Rancière’s philosophy.

About the speaker: Ertürk Demirel studied economics at Boğaziçi University and received a MA in philosophy from the same university, specializing on ethics and philosophy of language. He completed his PhD at the Australian National University, in political philosophy and produced a dissertation entitled “Politics of Silence: Temporality and Aporias of the Political.” He now holds the position of Visiting Lecturer at Boğaziçi University, teaching introductory philosophy courses. Among his published papers is “Acknowledgment, Not Recognition: A Wish-to-Say.” His research interests range from radical theories of democracy, recognition theory, metaethics, philosophy of language, modern French philosophy, post-structuralism, German Idealism and Phenomenology.