MS Thesis Presentation: “An Anti-Windup Compensator for Systems with Time Delay and Integral Action,” Dilan Öztürk (EE), EE-314, 9AM August 2 (EN)

Dilan Öztürk
M.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Prof. Dr. Hitay Özbay

The seminar will be on Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 09:00 @ EE314

As being one of the most popular saturation compensator methods, anti-windup mechanism are commonly used in various control approaches. The problems arising from the system nonlinearities are prone to change the behaviors of the system adversely in time such as performance degradation or instability. Anti-windup schemes including internal model structure with the robust compensator are crucial in terms of preserving the system stability and minimizing the tracking error when controller operates at the limits of the actuator.

Saturation problem is further aggravated by the dead-time that appears frequently in the systems depending on processing of sensed signals or transferring control signals to systems. Smith predictor based controllers are efficient in the compensation of time delay, indeed the controller is designed by eliminating the delay element from the characteristic equation of the closed-loop system. We apply Smith predictor based controller design for the system incorporating time delay and integral action to achieve high performance sinusoidal tracking.

This study extends the proposed anti-windup scheme via Smith predictor based controller approach by redesigning the transfer functions within the anti-windup structure. Our main purpose is to postulate an extension of the anti-windup architecture for the dead-time systems. We present simulation studies on the plant transfer function including time delay and integrator to illustrate that our extended structure successfully accomplish accurate tracking under the saturation nonlinearity.

Keywords: Anti-windup, Saturation Nonlinearity, Time Delay Systems, Smith Predictor Based Controller, Periodic Sinusoidal Tracking.