MBG Seminar: “Control of Mitotic Exit by Chromosome Segregation,” Dr. Ayşe Koca Çaydaşı, SBZ-14, 3:40PM March 14 (EN)

Control of mitotic exit by chromosome segregation
Ayşe Koca Çaydaşı, Ph.D

Position of the mitotic spindle with respect to the polarity cues is a key determinant of asymmetric cell division in many polarized cells. The asymmetrically dividing budding yeast, _Saccharomyces cerevisiae_, relies upon alignment of the mitotic spindle along the mother-to-daughter cell polarity axis for the fidelity of chromosome segregation. A surveillance mechanism named the spindle position checkpoint (SPOC) monitors the orientation of the mitotic spindle in budding yeast and prevents mitotic exit until correct spindle positioning is achieved. Similar checkpoint mechanisms might exist in other asymmetrically dividing cell types to provide stem cell maintenance and tissue homeostasis. Here, I present molecular mechanisms underlying the SPOC with a focus on recent advances in the field.

Date-Time: Thursday 14 March, 2019 at 15:40
Place : SBZ-14
Host : Bahar Degirmenci Uzun

All interested are cordially invited