Martial Arts Festival, Main Sports Hall, 6-9PM March 22


Sports Center Festival to Showcase Martial Arts, From Aikido to Wing-Tsun For all those who are interested in the martial arts, the Physical Education and Sports Center is organizing an event you wont want to miss.
The Center’s first Martial Arts Festival will take place on March 22, at 6 p.m., in the Main Sports Hall.The festival will feature advanced-level practitioners in demonstrations of aikido, judo, karate-do, taekwondo, kendo and wing-tsun. Even better,you’ll have the chance to practice the art of your choice with these skilled athletes and their coaches. Everyone is invited, and participation is free of charge. So if you’re curious and want to learn more about these six martial arts, come dressed for the
event and try them all! (Students who are taking GE 250/251 will receive 30 points for active participation and 10 points for observation.)

For more info:

TİME: 6:00p.m–9:00p.m
PLACE: Main Sports Hall
GE 250-251 Course : 30 points for active participation
10 points for observation will be given.