Lecture: “From Documentation to Application: Transformation Story of Seddülbahir Fortress,” Arzu Özsavaşcı, FFB-05, 12:30PM October 20 (EN)

Department of Architecture Lecture:

From Documentation to Application: Transformation Story of Seddülbahir Fortress, Arzu ÖZSAVAŞCI (MA, Arch.History)

20 October 2017, Friday
12:30 FF Building, Room B-05

Arzu ÖZSAVAŞCI (MA, ITU) received her B.Arch degree and Master of Arts degree on Architectural History from İstanbul Technical University. She had been working in various projects including documentation and restoration projects as well as contemporary ones. She also involved in academic and interdisciplinary projects, attended symposiums and published papers as co-author. She is one of the project owners of Seddülbahir Fortress Restoration project, and a member of UIA.

As a 17th century Ottoman defense building, Seddülbahir Fortress has been an object to a documentation, conservation and restoration project since 1997. Located at the entrance of Dardanelles and in one of the most strategic corners of Gallipoli wars, fortress and project transformed into several different contexts through these years with changing enforcements. After 18 years on 2015, restoration application had begun, currently on-going and the site will be opened to the visitors as a museum in 2020.