Lecture: “Designing in and for an Archaeological Context,” Didem Teksöz (Atölye Architecture), FFB-22, 12:30PM November 2 (EN)

Speaker: Didem TEKSÖZ
Atölye Architecture

2 November 2017
Thursday 12:30 FFB 22

Didem TEKSÖZ (MA, ITU) received her B.Arch degree from Istanbul Technical University in 1996 and co-founded Atolye Architecture in 1998. She received her Master of Arts degree on Architectural History with her thesis on “Body and Space – An evaluation of Bauhaus theatrical studies as means of architectural education” from ITU in 2001. She is still practising architecture in Atolye Architecture, concentrating on projects in Historical Heritage Sites, transformation of public spaces and preservation.

The lecture will present various projects completed in archaeological areas by Atölye Mimarlık, presenting the particular process and the experience through the lens of the architect. It will tackle many questions but mainly concentrate on the main difference of designing in a built environment than designing in an archaeologically built environment.