Lecture: “Coping with Traumatic Experiences,” Dr. Nedret Öztan, Library Art Gallery, 12:40PM April 21 (EN)

Bilkent University Library is very pleased to invite you to attend the Library Lunchtime Lecture of this semester!

Title: Coping with Traumatic Experiences
Speaker: Dr. Nedret Öztan, Department of Psychology, Bilkent University.
Place: Art Gallery, Main Campus Library
Date: Thursday, 21 April
Time: 12.40-13.30.

Abstract: Trauma can happen in a moment, but its effects ripple through time. Traumatic experiences like wars, disasters, accidents, terror events like bombings, as well as physical and emotional violence can have overwhelming effects on individuals, families and communities in large. In this talk, the emotional, cognitive and behavioral effects of these traumatic experiences and the stages in these reactions will be reviewed. How to help ourselves and others as well as the concept of post-traumatic growth will be also discussed.

The lecture will be in English.