Lecture: “Action or Actionless?,” Ying-Chun Hsieh (Architect, Atelier – 3), FF Building Room B-22, 1:40PM September 20 (EN)

Department of Architecture Lecture: Action or Actionless?

HSIEH, Ying- Chun, Architect, Atelier – 3

20 September, 2017, Wednesday
13:40 FF Building, Room B-22

HSIEH Ying-Chun, born in Taichung County, Taiwan, in 1954, is a architect and contractor. In the past 20 years, HSIEH and his team have built more than 3.000 homes in 200 communities and aboriginal tribes in the post-disaster zones both in Taiwan and Mainland China. The Curry Stone Design Prize 2011, delivered by Harvard GSD, was awarded to HSIEH to champion his practice as a force of socio-economic transformation in East Asia.

The lecture of HSIEH will review his architectural practice with examples from selected projects. These examined projects closely present how they initiated, articulated, communicated and implemented with his architectural principles in different contexts. The presentation will conclude that ‘open system’, ‘appropriate technology’ and ‘digitalization’ can be seen as the fundamental principles encapsulated in his architectural practice on the notion of low-cost sustainable construction, green building, cultural preservation and creation of local employment opportunities.